Why Makhanchor

Makhanchor Dairy :-

  • Believes in Purity, Quality and best in Service delivery.
  • Never use Oxytocin injection to increase the production of Milk.
  • Never purchase milk from outsider milk vendor therefore; there is no chance of adulteration of the milk or mixing of synthetic milk.
  • Always supply Fresh Milk within two-three Hours of milching.
  • Never use preservatives or any artificial chemicals.
  • Never use added Fat.
  • Adhere to strict moral, ethical and business etiquette to supply pure milk in true sense.
  • Cleans Udders of the cattle properly before milching to avoid any bacterial contamination or mud, hair mixing up with milk.
  • Sales the Milk in packed pouch, so that there should not be any occasion for the delivery boy to dilute or adulterate it.
  • Green, Natural and certified cattle foods are given to the Cattle.

So, Makhanchor Milk is really a Bio-Milk, best for your health.


  • Thickness of Milk is not the parameter to judge purity. Thick milk may contains added fat, synthetic Milk, artificial nutrients etc.
  • In spite of high technology and strict Government regulation, Oxitocin and synthetic Milk cannot be ruled out even in top brand Milk.

So Let’s start the Day fearlessly………With Makhanchor !

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