About Us

Office Address :-
Makhanchor Dairy and Farming,
Village- Sherpur Baira, Baghpur,
Paragana & Tehsil- Bilhaur,
Kanpur Nagar, U.P.

Our Mission:- Conquer Zenith in Quality Assurance & Trigger Health Revolution by spreading Purity.

Our Vision:- Meet the expectations of Consumers.

Main operating area: - Uttar Pradesh more particularly in and around Kanpur city.

Makhanchor Dairy sales milk in the form it is milched from cattle as natural, pure and fresh milk without adding even preservatives or added fat. Makhanchor maintains strict, high value moral and business ethics. Makhanchor is committed to supply best to its consumers.

Our main themes is:-

  • Best in Quality -     Purity, Hygiene & Freshness is assured.
  • Best in Price -    Full Cream Pure Milk at Lower price.
  • Best in service -    Timely delivery of Milk absolutely free of Cost.

In order to ensure Purity and freshness, Makhanchor :-

  • never use Oxytocin injection to increase the production of Milk.
  • never use preservatives or any other chemicals.
  • are not purchasing milk from outsider milk vendors therefore; ruling out any chance of adulteration or mixing of synthetic milk.
  • are adhering to strict moral, ethical and business etiquette to supply pure milk in true sense.
  • Sales the Milk in packed pouch, so that there should not be any occasion for the delivery boy to dilute or adulterate it.

In order to maintain proper hygiene, regular vaccinations, de-worming of cattle are done on regular interval. Even before mulching, Udders of the cattle are properly cleaned to avoid any bacterial contamination or mud, hair mixing up with milk.

Makhanchor Dairy is gaining ground in the field of Trustworthiness, Truthfulness and Purity in true sense.

Try Once, Test once & became fan forever...... of Makhanchor.

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