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Makhanchor Dairy is a budding name on the horizon of fresh Milk manufacturer and supplier in the different part of U.P. particularly at Kanpur. Makhanchor not only supplies pure and fresh Milk but also keeps consumer’s health on top priority by never using hazardous Oxytocin (OT) injections to milch cattle to enhance milk production. Makhanchor guarantees hygienic, nutritious, natural pure and fresh milk to its consumers.

Makhanchor is more reliable than any other top brand as it never collects milk from outside milk vendors thus ruling out Oxytocin injected, synthetic or adulterated milk. Makhanchor milk is 100% safe even for consumption of new born baby.

Milk is the most essential diet for mankind. It contains almost all essentials nutrients required for Human consumption. Be it new born baby, pregnant Women or elderly people, every one requires Milk in their daily intake therefore, it is also considered as ‘Amrit’. Milk is easily available everywhere in India but menace of synthetic, adulterated Milk and use of Oxytocin injection to increase lactation of dry cattle has made it almost impossible to get pure and fresh milk. ‘Oxytocin’ is the commonly used Bovine Growth Hormones, which has become most integral and non- severable organ of Dairy business in India. As per “Indian Journal of Medical Research”, long term consumption of Oxytocin injected milk leads to adverse health consequences. Even reputed brand cannot ensure Oxytocin free milk, as their business runs by collecting milk from different villages. They are not even able to ensure that adulterated or synthetic milk are not mixed up in collected milk from villages.

All these concerns have been addressed by Makhanchor Dairy. Makhanchor Dairy is known for maintaining strict, high value moral and business ethics. We are committed to supply best to our Consumers.

In order to ensure Purity and freshness, Makhanchor :-

  • never use Oxytocin injection to increase the production of Milk.
  • never use preservatives, any other chemicals or added fat.
  • are not purchasing milk from outsider milk vendors therefore; ruling out any chance of adulteration or mixing up of synthetic milk.
  • are adhering to strict moral, ethical and business etiquette to supply pure milk in true sense.
  • are maintaining proper hygiene, ensuring regular vaccinations, de-worming of cattle on regular interval.

Even before mulching, Udders of the cattle are properly cleaned to avoid any bacterial contamination or mud, hair mixing up with milk.

Makhanchor , as its name suggest, is blessed with Purity and has divine effect. One can feel the difference by using Makhanchor Milk even for a month. In fact, it is a Bio- Milk.

So, let’s Start New Era of Purity in your life….with ‘Makhanchor’

100% Pure and Fresh

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